Published Work

Camera Arts, Volume VII, #4, June/July 2004. New Mexico, USA. (5 photographs w/ article and interview by Mary Ann Lynch.)

Ag, Darkroom Practice & Photography, Volume #24, July 2001. London, England. Timothy Benn Publishing. (12 photographs with essay by A.D. Coleman.)

The Hartford Courant, Friday, June 15, 2001. Review by Owen McNally of exhibition, “The Poetics of Portraiture: From the 16th to the 21st Century” at William Benton Museum of Art. (The review printed two photographs, one of which was Dark Sun #18.)

Fotophile, The Journal for Creative Photographers, Number 38, Summer 2001. New York, NY. Orville Robertson, Publisher and Editor. Artist’s essay accompanied photographs.

Boulevard, Vol. 16, Number 3, Spring 2001. St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO. A publication of Fiction, Nonfiction, Art, Poetry. Editor, Richard Burgin. (Four photographs from Dark Sun printed as separate portfolio piece.)

The Photo Review Newsletter, December 1999/January 2000, Langhorne, PA. Robert Perloff, Publisher and Editor. Cover photograph.

Musée de L’Elysée, Museum for Photography, Lausanne, Switzerland. Anniversary catalogue of selected work from the Museum’s collection, 1996. Curators: Charles-Henri Favrod, Daniel Girardin.

Photo Metro, Volume 11, No. 113. November 1993, 8-11. San Francisco, CA. Reproduction of 10 photographs from the series, Dark Sun accompanied by artist’s essay.

Nikon-News, No. 3 October 1991: 44-45. Reproduction of 2 full-page photographs from Flora.

Il Fotografo, January 1983, Issue No. 69, 84-87. Italy,: “Album di famiglia,” Article by Pier Paolo PreE. Reproduction of 6 photographs from Portrait of a Family.

Modern Photography, August 1980, Volume 44, No. 8. 98-103. New York,: Still Life Comes Alive, Andy Grundberg. Reproduction of one full-page photograph (opposite a title page with Andre Kertesz photograph) with commentary on my work, Electronic Age.

35MM Photography Summer 1978, 70-73. New York, NY. Reproduction of 11 color photographs from the series, In the Light of Memory, accompanied by artist’s essay.

New York Times Book Review, April 1976. Berkvist, Margaret. Review of book, “Women See Women.” (Publication of one of my photographs from the book.)

Women See Women, ed. Cheryl Wiesenfeld, Yvonne Kalmus, Sonia Katchian, Rikki Ripp, Geri Davis. New York: Thomas Crowell, 1975. (Inclusion of photograph in a book of women photographers.)