Forest of Ghosts – Statement

For the first time in history humans have awakened to a global sense of loss; we are witnessing the destruction of the natural world around us due to climate change. Many believe we have already entered the sixth extinction.

Forest of Ghosts is my response to this experience. The photographs depict animals appearing isolated and lost, seeming uncannily aware of their fate. My deepest sympathy lies with them, for these creatures have no real control over the destruction of their habitats, no say in their future.

We are surrounded by images of pale turquoise icebergs falling with the slow-motion thud of a dinosaur, heaving themselves into the waters of the earth. As they begin their slide away from solidity, it is easy to imagine great spans of time and geography—millions of years of earth’s surface forming and reforming, the massive, catastrophic movement of tectonic plates and the deep bellows of grinding sounds they make.

Of course, it has always been this way. Except we haven’t been here to see it.